About Catthulhu

Join the exploding fandom! Call of Catthulhu is the rules-light roleplaying game where ordinary cats oppose the chaotic cults of the other animal gods, while keeping the humans blissfully unaware of their cosmic danger. The Cat Herder uses simple rules to arrange Challenges, and all the players have to know is how to act like a cat.

Now up to three volumes of fascinating feline catventure!

BOOK I: THE NEKONOMIKON (The Book of Cats): This 40-page book contains everything needed to play Call of Catthulhu, from 30 different types of cat characters to Dire Challenges, Scrapping, Cat Treats, and Brushes with Death.

BOOK II: UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KATZEN (The Cat Herder’s Guide):  A sprawling, comprehensive guide to gods, cults, catventures, humans, dogs, monstrous foes, and Things Cats Were Not Meant to Know. 128 pages!

BOOK III: WORLDS OF CATTHULHU: Join nine innovative game writers for a whirlwind tour through fantastic dimensions of feline adventure! From industrial steampunk to the roaring 20s to a galaxy far away, play heroic kitties in all-new settings. Plus the fully-developed campaign world of Fuiry, where ruthless fairy cats struggle for Status in the Seelie Court of Queen Catania.