About Catthulhu

At GENCON 2013, veteran gamesmith Joel Sparks introduced a five-dollar, 24-page booklet titled CALL OF CATTHULHU. The featherweight RPG allows players to become ordinary cats who must oppose the Lovecraftian plots of chaotic Animal Cults bent on destroying the comforts of human civilization. A surprise hit, Catthulhu sold out at Gencon, then again at Baltimore Comic-Con, NecronomiCON Providence, and Spiel Essen in Germany.

In November, Sparks ran a Kickstarter to develop a greatly expanded “Deluxe” edition, and the project funded at over $40,000: 2,000% of the original budget. Stretch goals unlocked include a Boxed Set crammed with extras and the appearance of backers’ real-life pets as illustrated heroes and monsters in the Deluxe rule books.

Completed in Spring 2014, Call of Catthulhu Deluxe has grown to two full-color volumes, provided in physical form to Kickstarter backers and at conventions, and also available as inexpensive PDFs.

BOOK I: THE NEKONOMIKON (The Book of Cats): This 40-page book contains everything needed to play Call of Catthulhu, from 30 different types of cat characters to Dire Challenges, Scrapping, Cat Treats, and Brushes with Death.

BOOK II: UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KATZEN (The Cat Herder’s Guide):  A sprawling, comprehensive guide to gods, cults, catventures, humans, dogs, monstrous foes, and Things Cats Were Not Meant to Know. 128 pages!